There is a darkness plaguing you.

aaaaaand yeah i did the thing

MeenahKarkat - Conquer


You are just… so amazing I’m super blessed to have met you! Other half of my muse like seriously. The words to my pictures. ~~the lyrics to my song~~ all that junk!! (hahah is there a featherbent joke in there….)

I look forwards to the future and all this time we have to make lovely things together. (Also I’ll be keeping you on your toes! We can punch away artist/writers block…t-together…). Have a lovely birthday!


"Well I own this field;

and I wrote this sky.

And I have no reason to reason with you.”❖❖❖

doodle trade- karkat for brettoon (jksjdgks or that’s the name i have written down…???)

I also used this to make a little art tutorial which i’m gonna post in like three seconds u v u!


Karkat & Signless - Stained Glass



(Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame.

Where there is a flame, someone’s bound t’get burned.)

Doodle trade with myurlistoolong. Have some johnkat 8 3 8!!

Johnkat ; Flight