Title: DaveSka Featherbent Theme WIP!

Artist: Klone

Album: Featherbent
Played: 1,829times


Hey guys! Guess who’s excited for BIRDSTUCK?!

Guessing you’re probably confused about why there’s music on this blog now. Allow me to explain.

Featherbent is about to become something much larger than anything we had anticipated.

And you’re gunna love it.

My name’s Klone, and I’m the main leader of the music team. The above is a WIP of a thematically linked piece agglomerating the Dave and Vriska themes. Points to you if you can guess who’s theme is who’s!

You’ll be hearing more from me, and the other current member of the music team soon enough, but for now this should be enough to whet your palette.

Announcement to follow!