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A pokemon stream! My billions of pokemon characters would all like to meet you u 7 u


more doodles that were never posted for one reason or another

twitter doodles that never made it here oop


I have a problem, and it’s that I can’t stop drawing Florintine.


Teasing an exorcist who’s afraid of ghosts is a surprisingly satisfying pastime.

$15 USD Simple colour chibi or $25 USD painted headshots are now open! 

To grab one, shoot me an email at nevernoahh@gmail.com. Please include (colour!!) image references…! I will do fandom or original. I’ll do up to two chibis in one picture ($30 for a pair). Headshots are one character only.

Paypal only right now please! I will start working on the commission once I receive payment, and if I do not finish within the week you’ll get a full refund. (after which you can always re-order if you want to!)

  1. Full!
  2. Full!

sadstuckkat asked:
Is it okay with I draw your OCs?

niwi chirps back:

It is completely ok for anyone to draw fanart of my OCs I’ll honestly cry I HONESTLY WILL

it is also ok to ask me questions about them or ask for references!

Q m Q///////

Chibi commission for crunchycrowe! Thank you!!

If you’d like to commission me for one, the info post is here!