aaand someone wanted my brush settings from the stream, so this is what I was working with!

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We made it.

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any tutorials?

niwi chirps back:

I’m afraid none that aren’t very very old… I do however hold tutorial streams occasionally on request, so feel free to ask for those!

sketchbook stuff i bothered to semi-clean

that second one is a mega design for my Glalie, Clemence, since they released it today oooo

I posted an OC wardobe meme while ago… Here is Florentine in 9 — Date night threads 

There are a couple more in my askbox that I want to do but if you were interested in sending more numbers for other characters of mine, here is the post winks at everyone )



The next installment of Featherbent is live. This chapter is the third of the series; the game contains somewhere around 12,000 words and will take around 90 - 120 minutes to complete.

Featherbent is a Homestuck AU that evolved from the initial concept of an illustrated fanfiction to a highly collaborative visual novel series, complete with illustrations, soundtrack, narration, and a full voice acting cast. For more information, please visit the main website.

Troubleshooting | Fanworks

And here it is, the release of this monster of a chapter responsible for tossing the entire team into development hell for a year and a half.

  1. We strongly recommend playing through the first two chapters before starting this one. There are some very important plot-relevant tidbits in the old chapters that might have been overlooked as insignificant details the first time around—considering it’s been so long since the release of chapter two, a lot of them have probably been forgotten.

  1. Please be considerate and tag your spoilers. This is probably the first game of the series so far where not tagging your spoilers can result in seriously ruining the experience for other people.

  2. Please feel free to liveblog, liveblog, liveblog away. Tag all your #Featherbent. Flood it to hell and back. Refreshing the tags and watching all of your liveblogs and reactions is honestly the most satisfying part for us as creators. We love hearing from you guys. (Also it’d be hella cool for people to update our TVTropes page.)

  3. Send Andrew a kind word or two. He is our lead programmer, and for this chapter, has been credited as a Director alongside myself due to the workload he took on to help launch this update. Andrew has gone above and beyond to breathe new life into this project and I have no doubts saying we wouldn’t be presenting this chapter today if it wasn’t for his hard work and dedicated efforts.

  4. Although the opening mechanic entitles you to freedom of choice, for maximum emotional impact, we strongly recommend you begin with Dave.

To every loyal Featherbender who’s stuck around for this long: Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for waiting. And thank you for playing.

We’re back.



Featherbent is finally available for download!

As the lead artist of this project, it is my great pleasure to present the third installment of Featherbent. Enjoy!

One more reblog for timezone crowd!!

Featherbent hype OFF

Come get hype!!!

The third game of the series drops in a little over 3 hours, so come get hype with me and I’ll doodle some birds :^D!! Don’t know what Featherbent is? Check it out here! (I am the lead artist so if you have no other reason to but you like my art, there’s your reason laughs and runs—)

Stream is over, thanks for joining me!


I felt like coloring but not like drawing so I stole one of Nonoh’s sketches

fekkin’ cuties i actually cannot deal kin you are my favorite essen holy crap

//sorry for stealing your sketch nonoh

ooOOHH that lil sketch I drew got cleaned up and became inexplicably beautiful

Lawl ily this is GORGEOUSSS screams

+ more doodles

bokutotheowlboy asked:
I was wondering if you were going to stream anytime soon? I love seeing you draw, it really inspires me

niwi chirps back:

Sure! I was thinking of doing some palette paintings tonight. Who would  be interested in coming to watch?