I forgot to post him here onto tumblr you go child u 0 u mmmmy seviper child who has been through…too much…. because of me laughs

His tattoos move on his body, they’re his ‘shed skin’ ability… u vv u


$15 USD Simple colour chibi or $25 USD painted headshots are now open! 

To grab one, shoot me an email at nevernoahh@gmail.com. Please include (colour!!) image references…! I will do fandom or original. I’ll do up to two chibis in one picture ($30 for a pair). Headshots are one character only.

Paypal only right now please! I will start working on the commission once I receive payment, and if I do not finish within the week you’ll get a full refund. (after which you can always re-order if you want to!)

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A couple of chibi commissions for Maimbutt!

Thank you very much, enjoy!!

( My commissions are still open, get the information here! )

Hey guys I just got a lot of followers p recently so I guess I should drop a text post tell everyone new whats up!!

I’m Noahh I draw a lot of silly pokemon OCs and I work on a visual novel style game called Featherbent, which is a homestuck alternate universe about bird people! 

If you have followed for my homestuck art as I’m sure many of you have, most of my creative energy concerning homestuck goes straight to that game. If you like my art and you like homestuck, please play featherbent. (The main pairing is Johnkat I’ll not lie, but there is much more plot and other pairings that happen too, so please give it a shot. It’s fully voiced, has original music and is beautifully written!!)

On that note, as I mentioned I draw TONS AND TONS OF ORIGINAL CHARACTERS if you would like to only see whatever sparse homestuck or RWBY art I put out, you can blacklist my original tag, which is “original stuff

On the flipside, if you maybe like pokemon or are otherwise interested in what I’m currently expending my emotional energy on, you are welcome to come pop in my askbox and ask some questions about my characters! You are also welcome to ask any questions you’re interested in concerning well… anything else!

My tag for text posts which are also sparse is “niwi chirps”.

Nice to meet you guys!!


(Artwork by Max. Updated layout by Case. )

You’ve waited long enough.

The release date of Featherbent chapter three is October 10th, 2014. I want to extend my infinite gratitude for the dedicated fans that never lost hope in us— the cosplayers, the fanartists, the writers, everyone who’s kept the tag alive during this unexpected hiatus. Mark your calendars, featherbenders, this update is going to be a big one.

I would also like to take advantage of this opportunity to announce Andrew, our lead programmer, as the official assistant director of Featherbent. He’s put an extraordinary amount of work not only into making sure the game runs smoothly, but also putting his own time into running the Featherbent troubleshooting blog to make sure our readers have a smooth experience. He’s also been largely responsible for keeping the ball rolling between our cast and crew when I couldn’t.

I promise you, this project will not die on our watch.

Thanks for believing in us, everybody. We’ll see you in October.



"Yeah you can start over, you can run free,
You can find other fish in the sea.
You can pretend it’s meant to be,
But you can’t stay away from me.”

Very flattered but he has such a weak disposition for raised voices… the being of emotion would ask you calm down so he doesn’t pass out laughs

Just gonna post my mesprit because I ended up liking him cries

Anonymous asked:
ive seen so many people being rude today on my dash and this might be a little silly... but i really appreciate how honest and kind you were with that anon asking about tablets. like seriously dude. mad respect.

niwi chirps back:

Well thank you for messaging me, stuff like this is always super sweet to get!!//

I don’t reply to everything, I’m pretty bad for getting messages and reading them and then forgetting to reply at all sweats so I hope when I do reply I’m at least a little helpful! Have a good day anonnn u 7 u!!

Anonymous asked:
i've followed you for like 3 yrs now an I always thought you were a few years older than me an now i see we are in fact the same age an im all like 'woah'

niwi chirps back:

I…JUST CHECKED MY FAQ only to realize it’s had the wrong age there for like half a year choked sob

I am 20 now I just don’t keep my FAQ updated cries time to fix that sucker I guess!!